Creating Your Ideal Weight

Secret for Creating Your Ideal Weight

Reduce Your Appetite and Restore Your Metabolism With Concord Grape Juice

Have you seen any information out there on how to lose weight? Ha-ha, of course you have. People spend billions of dollars every year on weight loss programs and products. I have to admit I’ve been one of those people. If only it could be easier to get rid of those extra pounds. Well cheer up, it could be.

Two ounces of dark purple Concord grape juice mixed with an equal amount of water taken fifteen minutes before meals has been shown to reduce appetite by a minimum of 30 percent! It also provides the small amount of natural fructose your body needs to keep your blood sugar steady, and reduces cravings for sweets.

Even more incredible, when used regularly it improves the body’ s process of metabolizing and assimilation food. Here’s the science behind it: It is the job of some cells in the intestinal wall to absorb digested food into the system. A major cause of obesity involves some of these cells becoming abnormal as a result of long-term undesirable eating habits. So, after years of dealing with the typical American diet, the cells of the intestinal wall can start turning most foods into sugar.

Worse yet, the body holds on to fat even when calories are reduced. After losing weight, the body’s blood levels of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which works to promote storage of fat in the cells, are remarkably high. This is described in the work of Dr. John D. Brunzell, metabolic specialist at the University of Washington: “The body’s chemical profile reflects a continuing physiological mechanism to restore fat that has been lost.”

So although the grape juice routine acts as an appetite suppressant, there is another biochemical relationship between grape juice and weight loss. Drinking two ounces of grape juice with water before meals can actually help you lose weight by reducing the body’s tendency to store fat.

While you adjust your diet and learn more healthful dietary patterns, when it’s time for your body to naturally get rid of old cells, the damaged intestinal cells are replaced with new cells that function normally. These new cells process food without promoting fat storage and weight gain. How simple, inexpensive, and amazing!

Years ago my life held a few too many challenges and my emotions were all jangled up. I’d increasingly turned to my favorite comfort foods: sweets, pastries, a scoop of ice cream in my afternoon coffee, cheese and crackers with a glass or two of wine before dinner… What was I thinking? Well I wasn’t. I was just getting through the day.

Soon I was desperate. I forked over several hundred dollars to a “medical” diet clinic, determined to lose twenty pounds. The program allowed for nine hundred calories and ninety carbs per day. Five weeks later I could button my jeans again, but couldn’t take another day of starvation. I don’t have to tell you it all came back and then some. A month later when my doctor tested my metabolic rate, she said, “You can eat about eleven hundred calories per day, any more than that and you’ll gain weight.” Eating too little had made my metabolism drop like a rock off the Empire State Building.

Neither eating mindlessly nor eating next to nothing had gotten me where I wanted to be. Luckily I heard about taking grape juice to rectify all this, and decided to give it a try. It felt so much better to be treating my body with love and respect by using a healthy, natural plan. Results weren’t quite as fast as with my starvation diet, but my weight steadily improved.