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  • Imagine the excitement of a new life in the country without all the drudgery of packing and moving. Driving a huge farm tractor, tossing feed to fluffy baby chickens while watching them be adorable, picking grapes in the vineyard for making your own wine, if this sounds appealing, despite the accompanying challenges, Life on a Mountain Farm will keep you happily turning pages late into the night.
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Book Description
Life on a Mountain Farm

Discovering Medicinal Herbs
Going Organic
Learning to Love Myself

Ready for a new start, Susan Perry leaves her hectic corporate job in Japan and buys a beautiful mountain farm in North Carolina, having no idea what she is getting herself into.

Looking to enjoy some gardening and a simple life in nature, she approaches her new life with child-like enthusiasm, eagerly developing new skills and taking on new projects. She learns how to use the medicinal plants growing on her property, puts in organic gardens, starts a flock of chickens, and operates a large farm tractor.

Soon, however, she finds the endless chores, contrary hired help, and complexities of managing country property more than she can handle. Family issues and financial woes add themselves to the mix. Disillusioned and exhausted, she wonders if country living was all a terrible mistake as she struggles to solve one dilemma after another. In the process, she discovers some deep inner beliefs that are not helping, and decides to make some changes.Her connection with nature and brave honesty bolster her self-confidence and help her create a more joyful, balanced, spiritually centered life.

A Great Read

Susan Perry's peek into mountain farming is a delightful walk with her through foggy days, windy winters and peaceful moments. Her gentle nature shows as well as her growth to find courage in the face of adversity. A great read!

Jodi P.

A Beautifully Written Book

Susan’s delight in the beauty of nature draws the reader in to share the fun of living on a country homestead. Her willingness to meet challenges head-on inspired me to do the same in my own life. I’m lucky to be one of Susan’s students. I know you will love this beautifully written book filled with wit and wisdom.

Dr. Eva E. Wood, Naturopathic Physician

Wonderful Author - Charming Story

This is a wonderful, charming book describing the author's experiences on her newly purchased dream farm in the mountains of North Carolina. As she takes the reader though her experiences in this beautiful, peaceful setting, her lovely prose and wonderful descriptions make it seem as though we are experiencing it with her. Hopefully there will be other books from this new author!

Nancy Griffin

I Loved This Book

I loved this book! As I read it, I was transported to an area of the country and a lifestyle far different from my own. Like the author, I, too, have had fantasies about moving to the country and being more self-sustaining. This book allowed me to experience many of the ups and downs of country living without making those changes myself. The information on herbs was a nice plus, and I can't wait to try her recipe for blueberry pie!

Margaret B.

Great Read

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's a charming look into the process of making a life for yourself in the country. I especially liked learning about medicinal herbs for health.

Barbara G.