Getting Started with Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs and the Five Elements of Rejuvenation

I’m excited to tell you about my series of five new courses. They offer the best there is to know about using medicinal herbs and other natural ways to be healthy at any age. With a focus on preventing and reversing the effects of aging, from the first week you will start looking and feeling better. You energy increases, and within the first month health problems start to improve. Do I sound enthused? No wonder, since I’ve seen these results myself.

I developed the concepts and materials for this course over a period of twenty years as I worked both as a practicing Herbalist and a Mental Health Professional. While living in Japan for four years, I became fascinated with the healing traditions of ancient cultures, especially how they achieve balance in harmony with nature. The recent scientific research on many dozens of herbs such as gingko, turmeric, and ginseng, has shown me that the herbs people have used for centuries really do work.

Combining these experiences with my life-long interest in metaphysics, I have come to see that the creation of vibrant health and rejuvenation is possible. Our bodies were designed to constantly repair and renew themselves in a cooperative effort of our Body, our Mind, and our Spirit. In these courses, you will discover precisely how to do this!

You can see a partial list of topics covered in the course descriptions.

Level One: Getting Started with Medicinal Herbs

How to safely use medicinal herbs to build vibrant good health, with herbs you gather in the wild, grow in your yard or buy commercially. You will learn how to put into practice the First of The Five Elements of Rejuvenation.

  • Chapter One
  • helps you understand how herbs work to support the body in maintaining all the functions that keep you alive and healthy. It explains how to begin using herbs based on your specific health issues. You will be shown how to use a simple record keeping system to take the confusion out of studying herbal medicines. You will learn the seven facts you need to know about each herb you use.

  • Chapter Two
  • gives specific ways to properly select, prepare and use herbs for nourishing the body and ensuring complete digestion. It explains the four steps of preparing medicinal teas. Detailed, step-by step formulas and recipes that support the digestive system are included.

  • Chapter Three
  • explains in-depth the properties and uses of ten of the most exciting and effective herbs for health, based on traditional use and current scientific research.

  • Chapter Four
  • discusses the most common digestive disturbances and diseases, and gives you natural ways to prevent and alleviate them.

  • Chapter Five
  • tells how to chose herbs and foods that provide optimum nutrition and support your health. Herbs and foods to avoid if you are dealing with an illness are discussed. You will learn how to achieve and maintain a crucial biochemical balance to avoid illness and disease. The reference sections include definitions of terms and explanations of the actions and properties of herbs.