Making Connections

Level Five: Making Connections

Learn to identify, gather, and prepare medicinal plants harvested in the wild. Explore the health benefits of connecting with nature, with yourself, and with others. Discover your connection with Spirit, and how this can be the greatest support for your physical health, all part of the Fifth Element of Rejuvenation.

  • Chapter One
  • introduces the concept of the connectedness of body, mind and spirit. It explains how each affects the other, and the implications for health.

  • Chapter Two
  • covers connecting with nature, learning to identify medicinal plants in the wild, the four principles of wildcrafting, and obtaining quality herbs from commercial sources.

  • Chapter Three
  • shows how making a deeper connection with your authentic self can improve your health and your life. It offers specific ways to make this connection. Specific checklists and exercises will help you discover your Spiritual Ideal and show how you can use it to change all aspects of your life in positive ways.

  • Chapter Four
  • explores how our connection with others improves our health. It tells how to go about sharing herbs with friends and family, and gives crucial guidelines on working with the public as an herbalist.

  • Chapter Five
  • Essential oils and herbs for attunement to Source are given. The value of simple breath work and meditation techniques is described.