Energy, vitality, and perfect health, who doesn’t want that? Rejuvenation means getting back to looking and feeling young. Longevity means staying that way for a long time. Impossible to achieve? I’m happy to tell you they’re not!

Actually, as a child I was a bit lacking in the energy and vitality of youth. Every year when my sister and I would get home from two weeks at camp, Nancy would be out the door to find her friends and I would go to bed for three days to recuperate. In junior high I dreaded gym class, which began with two laps around the track. Despite my best efforts, I always finished last out of forty-some, feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. Throughout childhood I had frequent colds and sinus infections.

Learning how to create good health has been a lifelong adventure. I read my first anti-aging book when I was twenty-one, Stay Young Longer by Linda Clark. Now that strikes me as funny – how many people that age would buy that book? That was fifty years ago, and it was the first I’d heard about whole foods and natural health. Ms. Clark’s words were very convincing, and I went cold turkey. No more Wonder Bread, margarine, or white sugar for me.

I learned an encouraging fact:

Within a cycle of seven years, every cell in your body is replaced with a new one. The key to rejuvenation and longevity is doing what’s necessary to create the new cells in their perfect form.

Improved health is possible! We’re not helpless bystanders, we’re in charge, and our choices make a difference.

Best of all, the way to accomplish this is not by invasive, expensive medical interventions, but by the simple, daily choices of a natural, preventative lifestyle. Many choices have to do with our physical self, such as foods, exercise, herbs, and supplements. Our mental and spiritual selves round out the picture. They are just as much a part of who we are. All three are connected, and each affects the other.

Discovering the specifics and applying them in daily life is a great adventure! My heartfelt goal in teaching and writing is sharing what I’ve learned and supporting you along the way.


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