Matters of the Heart

Level Two: Matters of the Heart

With a focus on the two circulatory systems of the body, you will learn to maintain optimum energy levels using a variety of natural approaches. You will discover additional methods for preparing and using medicinal herbs, and incorporate the Second Element of Rejuvenation.

  • Chapter One
  • contains descriptions of the two circulatory systems, and how lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional factors influence their function and thus your health.

  • Chapter Two
  • gives specific herbal approaches to use in preventing and treating circulatory problems. You will learn the keys to a healthy muscular-skeletal system, and specific herbal treatments for arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasm.

  • Chapter Three
  • provides detailed instructions on preparing and using a variety of liquid herbal extracts, tinctures and syrups.

  • Chapter Four
  • explores the factors influencing physical energy, and methods to increase vitality and stamina. Herbal tonics and alternatives are described. Specific formulas for energy and rejuvenation are included, with detailed instructions on how to prepare them.

  • Chapter Five
  • gives an overview of additional physical interventions and simple exercises to improve circulation and increase energy.