Immunity and Anti-aging

Level Three: Immunity and Anti-aging

The immune system plays a crucial role in avoiding illness and degenerative disease, and in keeping you young and active. You will learn specific anti-aging techniques and begin the Third Element of Rejuvenation.

  • Chapter One
  • lays out the many components of the immune system and how they work to protect the body from foreign invaders. Factors that support or inhibit the immune system are discussed.

  • Chapter Two
  • continues our study of herbal methods and techniques, with clear directions on how to preserve fresh herbs, and how to use root herbs to prepare decoctions. Herbal formulas and recipes are given, with instructions for how to determine which type of product to use for a particular health issue.

  • Chapter Three
  • presents recent research findings on autoimmune conditions and natural cancer treatments. Several alternative cancer programs are described, along with easy-to-obtain, powerful herbs and supplements. Helpful online research sites are listed in the resource section.

  • Chapter Four
  • gives effective, natural ways to improve vision, hearing, and memory. Common respiratory illnesses and conditions are described, with natural ways to treat them.

  • Chapter Five
  • explains methods of reducing toxicity in the body and how to choose the most appropriate ones for you; using herbs and supplements to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.