Let Nature Be Your Drugstore

Medicinal Herbs and the Five Elements of Rejuvenation

People everywhere are waking up to the benefits of using natural ways to be healthy and to look and feel their best.

Some are turning to herbs and supplements in an effort to avoid prescription drugs. Others are struggling with extra weight and looking for help beyond a fad diet. Many in my generation are not too happy with the physical changes we see as the years roll by, but who has thousands of dollars to spend on cosmetic medical treatments? (If you do, congratulations!)

This is why I love medicinal herbs!

The cost is often counted in pennies, and the results can give you reason to smile: energy to enjoy life again, to go out dancing or take up painting; remembering the name of that movie you saw; forgetting the name of your doctor because you haven’t seen her in a while.

In short, you can be looking and feeling better than you have in years. But where and how do you start? Most articles on natural health give you random bits of general advice, which only confuses you more.

New Courses

I’m excited to tell you I‘ve developed a series of new, in-depth courses to eliminate the confusion.

Medicinal Herbs and the Five Elements of Rejuvenation is a comprehensive package of the best there is to know about herbs and other natural ways to be healthy at any age. From the first week, you will notice your energy increasing and health problems starting to improve. Do I sound enthusiastic? No wonder - my students and I have seen these results.

Susan, how do you know all this?

The concepts and materials are a result of my twenty years working both as a practicing Herbalist and a Mental Health Professional. Combined with my life-long interest in metaphysics, I’ve come to see that vibrant health and rejuvenation is possible with a cooperative effort of our Body, our Mind, and our Spirit.

While living in Japan, I became fascinated with how the healing traditions of ancient cultures help people achieve vibrant health in harmony with nature. Now, recent research on these natural health systems, including herbs such as gingko, turmeric, and ginseng, shows that the methods people have used for centuries are effective and safe.

What will I learn?

In these courses, you will discover precisely how to use natural ways to create health, wellbeing, and rejuvenation. You will develop confidence in using herbs, essential oils, foods, and supplements. And you will come away knowing how to support your Body, Mind, and Spirit in order to renew your joy in living and fulfill your purpose for being here.

How do I sign up?

Course schedules and additional details will be announced in early 2017 on this website, with easy sign-up instructions. The day the schedule is set, I will also let you know by email, so subscribe now to find out right away. (You’ll also receive a free chapter from my new book!)

I invite you to join me in this new adventure, and look forward to hearing from you!

Susan Perry, M.A.


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Five Elements of Rejuvenation courses:

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Level Two

Level Tree

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