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In Vilcamba, Inca for Sacred Valley, twice as many people as in the U.S. live past the age of one hundred. Termed “longevos,” most are farmers who work hard and vigorously their entire lives. They eat mostly fruit, vegetables and grains, and drink coffee and the local rum.
Fruits and Veggies
Elixir of life
Fo-ti, the name of a Chinese herb, translates as elixir of life. It is shown to restore youth and rejuvenate the physical body. The famous Chinese herbalist, Li Chung Yun, stated that he took Fo-ti every day throughout his life. The New York Times printed an article when he died, stating that he lived to be 256 years of age, confirmed by the Chinese government. He outlived twenty-three wives.
Ginseng root (panax ginseng) improves all body functions and normalizes adverse conditions, reduces the negative effects of stress, and prevents the common cold. It enhances performance and endurance without the drawbacks of stimulants such as caffeine.
Ginkgo leaf has been used in Chinese medicine for over three thousand years for preventing or reversing memory loss and for general rejuvenation. Current research shows many benefits for health related to respiratory issues, circulation, and immunity.
Ginko Biloba leaf
Youthful heart
Hawthorn berry is a specific remedy for most types of cardiovascular disease. It is a tonic for the heart with no adverse side effects. It improves coronary circulation and dilates the coronary arteries, thus reducing coronary angina. It provides a gentle and long-term positive effect on age-related heart issues.
Hawthorn Berries
The immune system plays a central role in rejuvenation, as it protects the body from foreign invaders – bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other toxic substances, which can cause life-threatening disease. Herbs that support the immune system include astragalus, cleavers, dandelion, and red clover.
Astragalus plant
Reducing stress has a significant effect on rejuvenation. Getting adequate sleep, meditating or regular quiet time and mindfulness all have major benefits. Exercise reduces general tension and depression. Using herbs such as lemon balm and skullcap provide relief from anxiety. Passionflower encourages restful sleep.
Toxins accumulate in the body, including environmental chemicals and cellular waste from normal body processes. Many herbs help move these along, including dandelion, poke root extract, and red clover.
Poke plant
Natural Beauty
Only put on your skin what you could put in your mouth and swallow! Coconut oil for moisturizing, apple cider vinegar for a toner or hair rinse, arrowroot as a base for face powder; there are dozens of simple recipes that work as well or better than what’s on shelf at the drugstore.
Mullein flower